Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Curing a Mental Disorder Through Dream Therapy

All mental disorders are caused by the invasion of the primitive and absurd content of your conscience (anti-conscience) into the human side of your conscience. Through dream therapy you have an internal vision of your brain and psyche and you understand what determines your behavior.
The unconscious mind that produces your dreams has a saintly nature, while your anti-conscience is a wild animal, which has satanic characteristics. The anti-conscience is like a shark that can think and prepare numerous traps for your ignorant and one-sided conscience.
A mental disorder is cured through the elimination of the negative tendencies you have inherited into the wild side of your brain. The unconscious mind is a doctor and a spiritual guide. Your treatment is based on increasing your intelligence and consciousness. At the same time, you learn how to become more sensitive.
You'll verify that you are a victim of your anti-conscience, which doesn't let you evolve. It constantly tries to generate mental disorders within your human conscience. The elimination of your dangerous wild conscience (which gives you a second, wild personality) is based on increasing your consciousness. You learn how to develop your intelligence and use all your capacities.
Your anti-conscience becomes weaker when your human conscience becomes stronger because you take the brain power of your anti-conscience and you start using it in a positive way. You cannot simply kill your wild self. You must transform the evil and absurd content you have inherited into a positive content that will help you solve your problems instead of causing damages to your psychological system.
You acquire a mental disorder when your anti-conscience manages to convince your human conscience to follow its absurd thoughts, and you start accepting the absurdity of your anti-conscience without criticizing its suggestions.
This is the same as to say that you become mentally ill when you listen to your evil wild nature instead of respecting your moral principals.
The scientific aspect of this religious truth reveals that you are vulnerable to the craziness contained into the biggest part of your brain. The religious side of this scientific truth reveals that you are a sinner from birth only because you have inherited an evil anti-conscience.
You are too far from perfection, but you have to become a perfect human being in order to be cured and acquire sound mental health, even if you believe that you are a normal person. The human race is absurd because we inherit absurdity into the biggest part of our brain. Since you belong to the human race, you are not an exception.
This is a fact that you must admit now that you know that the biggest part of your brain is possessed by your wild conscience, the anti-conscience. This is a tragic truth, but the discovery of the existence of the anti-conscience puts an end to human suffering. Now that we know what causes mental illnesses, and now that we know that we can surely find sound mental health through dream therapy, everyone will transform their anti-conscience into a positive content without wasting time.
All mental disorders are cured thanks to the unconscious wisdom and sanctity. By following dream therapy you'll begin a new life, based on different criteria. This means that you'll get rid of the negative effect of past traumas. You'll think like a wise person.
Dream therapy based on the method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me is the best psychotherapeutical method you can find. The divine unconscious mind never makes mistakes because it is God's mind. When you follow dream therapy you are safe. You know that you can trust the unconscious guidance. You know that you'll surely solve your problems.
When you follow other therapies you don't know if you'll feel better or if you'll merely waste your time and money. You may even have more psychological problems after following a treatment based on human theories. You can also become totally dependent on your psychotherapist. Your treatment can last for years and increase your frustration instead of saving your life.
The unconscious treatment is free because the unconscious mind is your natural protector. You only have to learn the dream language in order to reap all the benefits you can have for understanding the divine guidance in dreams.
If you have no time for studies I can translate your dreams for you and help you put the unconscious guidance into practice. After verifying how effective dream therapy is, you'll surely desire to learn the dream language and have this knowledge for life.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Using Relaxation Techniques Can Help Treat Anxiety

Women suffer more nervous tension and increased levels of anxiety due to pressures and stresses that they encounter on a day to day basis. Thus, they need to improve their daily lives. Simple situations like being in crowds, riding in an elevator, and going to the dentist can already trigger emotional change for women. This may lead to anxiety, upset feelings or fear. More so, if a woman already feels anxious, the emotion will be more difficult to control if there are significant problems that may arise such as loss of a job, death within the family, financial problems, divorce or separation. Women should learn to deal with stress effectively to avoid losing her self-confidence and self-esteem. Anxiety may reduce self-worth in women as well as her capability to handle her daily responsibilities. Life stressors do not go away; it is just a matter of dealing with them that makes life worthwhile.
How you react to physical and emotional stress can be determined through your sympathetic nervous system. The nervous system is the one responsible for the flight or fight response during excitement and stress. It heightens and speeds up the pulse rate, muscle tension, respiration blood circulation and glandular function. If the symptoms of your anxiety are recurring, emotional upsets and change in lifestyle may cause your nervous system to overreact. If your life is very stressful, the sympathetic system is at all times prepared to respond to a disturbance leaving you tense constantly. Because of this, small stress factors can already upset you like big crisis. To bring back balance to your body, you must release the energy that you use during this crisis. Recurring experiences of fight or flight responses reduce reserve energy which leads to burnout emotionally and fatigue. Managing stress can put an end to this exhaustion and may even boost your level of energy.
There are some techniques to cope with stress effectively. Psychotherapy and counseling can be done for severe cases. For those who want to deal with stress by themselves, there are practical ways that you can do. To be able to become more responsible in handling your own problem, you must eliminate your ineffective way of dealing stress, you must learn new techniques in improving your habits, and you must also practice new techniques on a daily basis.
Reducing stress and relaxation exercises is also part of the program in treating anxiety. These self-help methods have significantly increased the well-being of many people and have improved their health physically. Exercises to reduce stress are good for women who are suffering from anxiety. It helps in alleviating symptoms of anxiety through meditation and focus, ground techniques, relaxing exercises, releasing of muscle tension, erasing techniques, affirmations, visualizations, and healing the inner child. All these methods can help you deal with stress effectively making your thoughts more peaceful and calm, and by learning to relax as you develop back your self confidence and self esteem. Practicing each technique can help you decide which of them can provide benefits and cure for you. Do it every day as much as possible.
Women with symptoms of nervous tension and anxiety that are recurring are usually attacked by negative thoughts. Every day your mind can be flooded with negative feelings, thoughts and fantasies which can make you upset. These thoughts can be related to finances, work and personal relationships, or unresolved health issues. These thoughts, if persistent, can lead to symptoms of anxiety and can be exhausting. Shutting off that inner voice and making the mind silent is important in this case.
An exercise that requires you to be quiet and be engage in simple and constant activity can release negative thoughts in your mind. Give yourself a break by emptying your mind. Meditation is also another way. It puts you into deep relaxation that may benefit not just the mind but the whole body. It is good for high blood pressure and reduces heart rate as well as muscle tension. It also gives you a good sleep. Practicing these techniques frequently can provide relief to anxiety by eliminating negative thoughts and resting the body. Your power to deal with stress should recover enormously.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Reducing Stress Improves Health and Performance at Work

Stress is the cause of many illnesses today. For instance, when someone has a hard time separating their work from their home life, it can cause many health problems. The commonly used title for this illness under the mental health guidelines is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Many servicemen today, who are coming back from tours of duty are suffering from this disorder.
Stress is caused by putting yourself in a situation that you have a hard time handling. When a woman gives birth to a child, their hormones get out of whack, which can lead to depression because they don't have the time to work on themselves. They become sleep deprived when they have to get up to feed the baby at all hours of the day and night, until the child gets into a sleep rhythm and sleeps more than 2 to 3 hours at a time.
For many of us, even when we don't have a baby to take care of, but your thoughts keep you up and prevent you from sleeping 6 to 8 hours straight, you develop insomnia. The best way to get over insomnia is to use relaxation techniques or yoga. Often what happens is the individual will set up and read or watch TV until they become sleepy. He eventually this becomes a habit or pattern of behavior repeated nightly, therefore, the insomnia continues until the individual decides to learn better habits.
When someone has difficulty dealing with the stress in their life, they develop headaches. Unless the individual can pinpoint where the headaches come from-- such as the environment or the people they are around constantly, they will believe they are ill and seek a doctor's care instead of mental health counseling, to learn to deal with the stress in a healthy way.
Some people turned to food to deal with the stress in their lives. That is, when you feel you immensely something inside yourself, you turned to food to fill that hole. This is another unhealthy habit we learn. Stress can lead to heart disease and anxiety attacks as well.
There are many ways for someone to learn to reduce the stress in their lives. Developing good eating habits, exercising on a regular basis, and getting away from the people that you argue with the most, such as your family all your work environment.
For people who work for a corporation, who want to increase their income and move up the ladder and management, will often create their own stress. The stress is caused by putting undue expectations on themselves or taking on more than they can handle in the workplace. Often when the individual leaves this job, they find that the health problems they have seemed to disappear.
For many people who put themselves in stressful situations, this can also be a learned behavior from their childhood. A parent sometimes will put undue stress on their child, when they pass along messages to the children, that to be love but they must excel in grades or sports. Eventually the child would be unrealistic to expectations on themselves, which he eventually can lead to health problems as well.
We can be our own worst enemies. Sometimes when we are experiencing stress which can lead to health problems, instead of seeking help and learning better habits, we ignore the early symptoms and it leads the individual to an early grave. Some people may seek help, but not before they suffer heart attacks or eat themselves into obesity.
Reducing stress in one's personal life and learning to live a healthier lifestyle, not only leads to a longer life span, but it also helps improve relationships with friends and family. You have to make the choice he made the changes in your life because there will not always be someone else to intervene and protect you from yourself and your behaviors.